Vella – A Casual Upper East Side Wine Bar

One of the great things about living in Manhattan is that there are amazing restaurants on nearly every block (and sometimes several per block). Last week, my husband and I were both getting home late and not looking forward to having to cook dinner with limited resources in the refrigerator.  So, we decided spontaneously to go out to one of his favorite places on the Upper East Side.  Unfortunately, that restaurant is so great there were no open tables.  Instead of waiting we decided to stroll down the street to see what we would stumble on.

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Elizabeth Comments
Dominique - Parisian Charm in Manhattan's West Village

Today’s featured restaurant is a small French bistro in the West Village – Dominique Bistro.  I first went to Dominique a couple of years ago with my husband for lunch.  At the time, it was called Why Not Bistro.  We were impressed with the quality of the food and the setting.  Dominique is located on the ground floor of a beautiful, white, five story building with black iron terraces at the corner of Gay Street and Christopher Street. 

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