Want to Collaborate With Confidently Elegant?

1. Please make sure that your company/product fits with the brand identity of Confidently Elegant.  I take my readers' needs seriously and I will only feature products and services that serve them and reflect things I would like to know about. 

2. Send me a message at ConfidentlyElegant@gmail.com or use the contact form under Contact.  I will be happy to provide a price list and to work with you to help showcase your brand and/or introduce it to my readers.


What Collaborations are Available?

1. Sponsored blog/content posts

2. Social media engagement - Twitter, Instagram, features in the private Confidently Elegant Facebook group, Pinterest.

3. Guest blog posts

4. Coverage of product launches

5. Looking for something else? Get in touch - I love working with people and am always open to new ideas.