Luxurious Sabon Body Scrub

This past Christmas, my husband and I decided to do “small” gifts.  My husband is very generous by nature when it comes to gift giving so the decision presented a bit of a challenge for him.  I’d definitely give his efforts an A plus, because I couldn’t have been happier with his gift of Sabon Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Body Scrub.  

This is my first Sabon product and I’m extremely impressed with the quality.  The company was founded in Tel Aviv in the late 1990s, selling soap.  Today, the now international company, has expanded to produce all sorts of skin care for face, hair, hands, bath, and body in least 15 different scents.  All their products are manufactured in Israel and the company is committed to using natural ingredients.  Recently Sabon has expanded to include nail polish, mani/pedi sets, perfumes, Eaux de toilettes, spa tools, cosmetic cases, sleep wear, reed scent diffusers, candles, room sprays, car fresheners, fabric softener sprays, and aromatic oils.  They also have a line of products specifically for men and a large assortment of gift sets.  I couldn’t recommend their products more for excellent gifts for yourself or for friends and family.  

The Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Body Scrub comes in a large round open mouthed glass jar.  Sabon sells a small wooden scoop that can be purchased separately for $1 to facilitate application.  I have tried a lot of body scrubs but nothing has compared to the luxurious scent, feel, and results of this one.  The mixture is based on dead sea salts and natural oils, enriched with Vitamin E, Almond, Jojoba & Borage oil.  Plus, its SLS & Paraben Free.

The scent is a wonderful floral blend with a slight salty undertone.  The oils separate from the salt scrub and rise to the top so before use the two parts need to be mixed together.  In use, the salts gently exfoliate your skin and help the oils absorb.  After you wash the oils and salts off, your skin is left feeling buttery smooth and silky.  The entire bathroom smells like patchouli, lavender, and vanilla for a few days after.

Do you currently use any Sabon products?  If you do, share your recommendations in the comments!